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When you step onto your mat, your practice begins.

When I step in front of the room, we are connected. Your practice and mine join together.

Yoga is a process of stripping away the excess until all that is left is body & breath & the present moment, and when we practice together we create a connection that is so incredibly sacred.

I am forever grateful to co-create magic with people who are curious and ready to do the work for themselves... what a gift this is to share together.

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Join Stacie on adventures that take groups of like-minded yogis to beautiful destinations around the world that will fill you up with joy, wonder, and a deep sense of purpose. 

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"Stacie is one of my favorites! She's led a number of different classes I've attended and I always feel like I get just the right amount of feedback and tips. I particularly appreciate how she accepts and encourages all levels and body types. She helps me to release expectations and to try to be completely present."

How it all began...

Boston, 2003. I was a junior in college at Boston University, having transferred from a singing program at Berklee College of Music. I had just spent the summer studying abroad in Greece for my Classics degree, and while I loved my area of study, there was no plan for the future.


My mom, however, had a very clear vision for herself (and, she hoped, for our family): to own a yoga studio. Specifically, a Bikram Yoga studio. So, she had a proposition for me...

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