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Schedule a Private Lesson or Coaching Session

If you are interested in one-on-one or small group lessons, please reach out!

Private sessions are a great way to deepen your practice or your teaching, and I particularly love working with seasoned practitioners and teachers who are ready to fine-tune their technique, have meaningful philosophic discussions about yoga & life, and step onto or in front of their mats with a greater sense of purpose.


Private Lesson $100

5-Pack Private Lessons $375

Coaching Session $150

3-Pack Coaching Sessions $375

Private Lessons and Coaching Sessions are done in the convenience of your own home; Stacie will provide props as needed. Lessons can be scheduled at a studio for an extra charge, and times will be based on availability of rental space. Coaching sessions for teachers include a class audit and written feedback along with a one-on-one session for discussion and practice.

Thanks for reaching out! I look forward to connecting and working together.

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Let's define your "why".

In our one-on-one sessions, we will dive deep into your reasons for showing up to your mat, and that will allow us to chart a course for your yoga journey. We are all unique, and your practice needs to be authentic to you in this moment, honoring your past, PRESENT, and future.

AREAS OF FOCUS for Private Lessons:

  • Increased Mobility / Flexibility 

  • Personalized Modifications for Healing / Injury Prevention

  • Advanced Variations for Common Postures

  • Foundational Technique

  • Balance Technique

  • Customized Sequences for Home Practice


Step into your power as a teacher.

The teacher-student relationship can be the most beautiful, meaningful experience. It is a flow of understanding from one person to the other, and then back again, in an energetic dance that should leave both student and teacher revitalized and with a deeper appreciation for the subject of study. Yogis who take to journey to become a teacher already have the desire to share their love of the practice with others; they simply need to harness their unique gifts and voice to become a powerful and impactful guide.

AREAS OF FOCUS for Teacher Coaching Sessions:

  • Weaving Words for Effective Communication

  • Integrating All Communication Styles Seamlessly

  • "Listening" To Your Students (Without Needing Words)

  • The Art of Teaching Musically

  • Listening To Yourself & Being Your Own Best Coach

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